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Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality services without breaking the bank. Cost-effectiveness is not a compromise but a core value embedded in our approach.

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Innovation is the cornerstone of our digital solutions. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to provide you with pioneering services that set you apart in the digital landscape.

Industry Expert

With a deep understanding of industry trends and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we are poised to be your strategic partners in success.


Embrace a digital ecosystem that not only meets but anticipates your scalability requirements – our scalable digital solutions are like a tailored suit for your business – always a perfect fit.


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Solving digital challenges in every industry, every day.

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Bringing the best IT vendors to you.

Working only with the best, to ensure the quality of our services, and to bring state of the art technology to those who need it.

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Mat Zalman is the President for Tecnologia overseeing our business operations and premier services including Cyber Security, Network Operations, Global Service Desks, Professional Services and Field Engineering.

Mr. Zalman has over 15 years of experience in mid-market service delivery management for multiple MSPs and VARs.

Mr. Saliva is an accomplished IT leader with three decades of experience helping build industry leading technology-intensive companies. As CEO, John oversees Tecnologia’s strategic vision while driving growth and establishing Tecnologia as the leading partner of choice for mid-market strategic buyers of IT.

As Marketing Director, Megan Palms leads with a customer-focused and insights-driven approach to branding, communications, demand generation, customer engagement and partner marketing. Megan Palms is a passionate leader with 10 years of experience that spans marketing and communications at industry-leading organizations.

Caron Hamilton holds a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University New Orleans and an MBA from Boston College. Caron Hamilton is a passionate leader with 20 years of experience that spans marketing and communications at industry-leading organizations. 

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Our collaborations extend beyond the ordinary, bringing together expertise, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. 


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